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The Erosion by londonxpress The Erosion by londonxpress

I've had a few people ask why I don't allow comments - and given the content of my recent journal I thought I should explain before I look like a hypocrite! I always like to respond to feedback that I receive - and I'm always grateful when I have the time to reply to each person - even if it is a generic message. But as school has moved on that has become more difficult to do. I reached a point last year when I was spending too much time replying to my own work - I was missing out on the work of others; the main reason why I joined this site. I'd rather be commenting on work that doesn't belong to me and learning through the creations of other artists. But, and this is a big 'but' - I still like to receive feedback. As a photographer I still have a lot to learn and I'd really like to hear what you think of my work. If you have any critiques please send me a note - I'd be more than happy to read it and consider your ideas / input!

The Photo

This was a fun one to take. Once again I pulled on the chest-waders and walked out into the water to grab this shot. With a Pelican case attached to the suit by a rope I was able to take a bunch of filters with me so I could swap one for the other as the lighting conditions changed. At some points the sunset was very intense - lots of blood red colours in the sky, but in the end I enjoyed the simplicity of the black and white tones more than the colour - the texture won out over the tones! This is Scots Bay again (and I promise I'll stop posting shots from this area soon!) as the tide was coming up the beach. At one point in time there must have been a wharf or old pier that serviced ships in the area as there are hundreds of these stumps burried in the Bay of Fundy just off of the shoreline. One has to pay attention to the tide times however as they constantly change - as do the times of sunsets. Once a month the two times usually meet up and the shooting conditions are perfect (unless of course it decides to rain - so many variables!).

I've been doing a lot of long exposures where I reduce the surface of the water to a 'silk' like texture. In this shot I decided to decrease the exposure time and try to capture the movement of the water as it flowed underneath the camera. In this case I've caught the movement of a wave moving in, and then moving out again in one capture. Just below the horizon is a dark band, this is the next wave that swept over the beach. I didn't use my threaded ND filter, rather I used a polarizer to cut some of the reflections on the rocks and stumps, and then three gradual ND filters over the end of the lens. They were;

1) Singh-Ray 2x ND Grad
2) Singh-Ray 3x ND Reverse Grad
3) Cokin 3x ND Grad

I wanted to darken the sky as much as possible and brighten up the foreground at the same time - using three NDs allowed me to do this. I think the effect is very dramatic (given the clouds in the sky) but if you think I've overdone it please let me know - I'm always looking for a good balance and sometimes it's hard to fiture out if I've found it or not.


Canon EOS 20D | Canon 10-22mm | ISO 100 | f9 | s1.6 | Singh-Ray 2x ND Grad | Singh-Ray 3X Reverse ND Grad | Cokin 3x ND Grad | Tiffen Polarizer | Manfrotto 190CL Tripod |
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June 17, 2006
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